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Handsworth is in South Yorkshire, a suburb of Sheffield. There is not much recorded detail about the conurbation of Handsworth before 1066 when William I became King of England. Roman soldiers had a settlement and fort nearby at Templeborough, but no proof of Roman remains have been unearthed in Handsworth. Names such as Ballifield ("Bale Enclosure") indicate later Scandinavian settlements in the same site.

Under Norman rule, the village of Handsworth grew to include Darnall, Gleadless, Richmond and Woodhouse.

Historical accounts of Handsworth

In the Domesday Book account, Handsworth is spelt "Handeswrde" and is appended to Whiston ("Witestan") to form one single manor. Before the Conquest, Torchil (or Turchil) is said to have been the Lord of the Manor, but after the Conquest lordship was transferred to Robert, Count of Mortain, who was the William the Conqueror’s half-brother. Richard de Sourdeval held it for Count Robert. The Manor then passed, through marriage, to the Paynel and Lovetot families. It was a member of the Lovetot family who constructed the parish church in Handsworth.

People of Handsworth

A number of famous people hail from Handsworth including the actor Sean Bean, who appeared in The Lords of the Rings, GoldenEye and the hit TV series Game of Thrones. Handsworth was also home to the Quaker Benjamin Huntsman and William Jeffcock, Sheffield’s first Lord Mayor.

The area is now successful across a number of fields, including business.

Handsworth is  an inner city, urban area of Birmingham in the West Midlands. Handsworth lies just outside the Birmingham City Centre

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