Kardaya Rooprai


Kardaya has a background in finance and global markets and currently runs a successful accounting practice, financial markets consulting and IT consulting and development company. He has extensive experience in content development having delivered various educational and training programs, research materials, white papers, blogs and podcasts, to name but a few.

He managed to successfully transfer his analytical, communication, leadership and organisational skills to setting up a Neighbourhood Watch in one of the most challenging areas of the country, high in crime, made up of residents typically deemed ‘hard to reach’. His efforts have resulted in over 45% uptake of Neighbourhood Watch, which continues to grow, with volunteers taking up active positions, participating in street patrols and opening an important dialogue with police, who had previously been mistrusted in the area.

As Treasurer and Trustee at Neighbourhood Watch Network and Chair of the West Midlands Neighbourhood Watch Force Area Association, previously Vice Chair of the Sandwell Independent Advisory Group and Chair of the Black Country Religion Independent Advisory Group to West Midlands Police, Kardaya has been instrumental in implementing community cohesion and advising key stakeholders how best to engage with black, ethnic minority and interfaith groups, something he feels passionately about, which he is keen to progress through Neighbourhood Watch.

He regularly provides interviews to the national and local press and local community media channels (radio and television). In 2021, Kardaya provided evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee for the inquiry into police conduct and complaints.

Kardaya would like to develop a culture of forward proactive thinking to maintain stability and effectiveness across the Neighbourhood Watch movement and cultivate a peaceful, balanced society.

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